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Channel Title : Steve Douglas The Catfish Dude

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Published Date : 2018-05-26T01:36:56.000Z

This video Brought to you by and starts out with a bang for sure, we get caught in a huge thunderstorm on the Tennessee River, however, the low-pressure system that was present triggered a catfishing frenzy. The catfish were stacked in one of the only deep holes on a five-mile stretch of river and they were hungry. Both flathead catfish and blue catfish shared this spot but I don't show every catch in this video as there was over 30 catch caught sitting spot locked in the one littler dep hole in the Tennessee River. We had 0 current and the wind was blowing us up the river. I used my spot lock option on my Ulterra trolling motor from Minn Kota to stay on the waypoint I had marked using my Lowrance HDS12 GPS system. The spot lock feature allows you to stay on an area without me having to monitor it giving me more time to catfish. I hope you enjoy the video. If you are looking for a great catfish rod take a look at my signature series Monster rod from TWC.

Channel Title : Steve Douglas The Catfish Dude

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Fishing for Blue catfish on the Tennessee River

Channel Title : Steve Douglas The Catfish Dude

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Fishing for catfish at night. Brought to you by In this video, I start out checking the deeper holes next to shallow water. during the day the catfish will occupy these holes but as the night falls they begin to disburse up along the shallows looking for food. I started in the deep holes but had no luck but I move up towards the shallow water and begin to find catfish, as the night progressed the catfish began to move closer the bank to feed in the shallow water. As I followed the fish to the bank, the bite continued to stay consistent and iI was able to find a very big Flathead catfish to end the night.

Channel Title : Steve Douglas The Catfish Dude

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This was video was shot on the Cannelton pool just 20 miles down river from the McAlpine dam in Louisville KY. I was using frozen skip jack cut in small pieces. i was fishing in about 35 foot of water on the deep water flats using both a suspended and dragging methods. Catching catfish on both type of rigs. In the summer months on rivers such as the Ohio river the deep flats provide a great food source that blue cats love. That food source is mussels. Find a good mussel bed on the deep water flats and you will not have to go nowhere else the rest of the day as the cats of all sizes will roam these flats in good numbers scavenging through the gravel/sand/mud mixed bottom for these small hard shell morsels. The bluecats will eat these mussels, absorb their flesh and later either regurgitate or evacuate the shells. It’s not uncommon to have loads of zebra mussel shells that the cats have left me in my live tank after a tournament. ********************************************************************** Please visit our sponsors Below: ********************************************************************** Excel Boats Jeff Jones Marine Monster Rod Holders Tangling with Catfish Rods Catfish Conference NjaEye Action Cams Choc-cola Chocolate drink *********************************************************************** MY GEAR AND EQUIPMENT (Below links are Amazon Associate links) The HOOKS I use There ball bearing swivels I use Snap locks I use for dragging baits Three way swivels I use Fishing line I use 65 lb braid Video Camera Directional Shotgun Mic Wireless Mic Depth Finder Lowrance HDS12 ********************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE here for more catfishing videos ********************************************************************** Follow me on..... Wild Catters TV Facebook Facebook Instagram

Channel Title : Steve Douglas The Catfish Dude

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Is the old adage “Red sky at night, a catfisherman's delight and Red sky in morning, fisherman's warning” true, or is it just an old wives’ tale? What's your experience?

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Steve Douglas The Catfish dude is fishing for big bluecats using two different methods of dragging baits and suspending baits across a deep island flat. Plus I include my first ever blooper clip, did you see it?.


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